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How Much should you Tip your Weed Delivery Driver?

Updated: Oct 25

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Do You Tip Your Weed Delivery Driver? A Guide on How Much to Tip

Ever found yourself wondering, "Do you tip your weed delivery driver?" or "How much to tip a weed delivery driver?" If you're a frequent user of cannabis delivery services, especially in areas like the DMV where public transport may not be readily available, these questions are not only common but crucial.

The Standard Guide on How Much to Tip a Weed Delivery Driver

The burning question on most people's minds is, "How much do you tip a weed delivery driver?" In general, tipping between 7% and 15% of your total bill is considered a good standard. This often translates to roughly $5 to $10, depending on the total cost of your order.

Variables that Impact How Much to Tip Your Weed Delivery Driver

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Bud Lords DC Tip Jar - Love in the air

Geographical Location

In the DMV area, where some regions are not accessible by metro, you should consider tipping at least $15. It compensates for the added travel distance and time.

Traffic and Timing

"Should I tip my weed delivery driver more during heavy traffic or accidents?" The answer is yes. Under such circumstances, a tip of at least $20 shows that you value their time and effort.

Order Size

Are you supposed to tip your weed delivery driver more for larger orders? A percentage-based tip may naturally increase for more significant purchases, so adjust your tip amount accordingly.

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happy bud lords weed delivery driver

What Is the Customary Tip for a Weed Delivery Driver?

While the standard tipping rates apply to most cases, there are exceptions. If your driver goes the extra mile—be it through swift service, special care with complicated orders, or excellent customer service—a higher tip is a great way to express your appreciation.

To Tip or Not to Tip: Reddit and Public Opinion

Should you tip your weed delivery driver? Public forums like Reddit seem to agree on the importance of tipping. Beyond being a customary practice, it ensures you'll receive prioritized service in the future. At Bud Lords, we always try to Bless the Bag. Basically, we always throw in something free and extra with every purchase no matter how big or small the order is, you will at least get a free pre roll joint with delivery.

Unique Scenarios: Giving Food Delivery Driver a Tip with Weed

While it may be tempting to tip your driver with cannabis, especially if you have surplus, remember that not everyone consumes weed. Monetary tips are the safest and most universally appreciated form of gratitude.

how much to tip weed delivery driver
thanks for tip miss you already

How much to Tip your Weed Delivery Driver?

Tipping your weed delivery driver is both courteous and beneficial. As a baseline, aim for a tip between $5-$10, and adjust according to factors like location, traffic, and order size. The next time you place an order, you won't have to second-guess how much to tip your weed delivery driver.

For a smooth and convenient cannabis purchasing experience, look no further than The Best Online Dispensary DC Weed Delivery. Bud Lords. and Don't forget to tip your driver!

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