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White Buffalo

White Buffalo


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Sativa Hybrid - THC  - 32%+

Discover the unique and extraordinary White Buffalo cannabis strain, fondly referred to as "Tatanka." This sativa-dominant hybrid, a result of crossing Romulan with the delightful fusion of Blackberry Kush and Bay 11, is a treasured rarity in the marijuana universe, all thanks to its impressive potency, rich flavor, and dazzling aesthetics. Check it out at Bud Lords today.


As an 80% sativa-dominant blend, White Buffalo extends an invigorating encounter that is atypical of its sativa lineage. The journey begins with an uplifting cerebral rush, triggering joy and bursting energy levels. Gradually, a tingling sensation infiltrates your body, causing a subtle relaxation that does not interfere with mobility or functionality. This energizing mental buzz transforms White Buffalo into an ideal remedy for insomnia, mild to moderate depression, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and chronic fatigue. With THC levels averaging between 15-20%, this strain guarantees robust therapeutic impacts.


The White Buffalo strain tantalizes the palate with a fusion of sweet, peppery herbs intermingled with a dash of mint, all enveloped in earthy and spicy undertones. Its aroma transports you to a fragrant spice garden, carrying hints of sweet earthy florals with a sprinkle of spice.


With its mood-elevating and euphoric properties, White Buffalo champions an active, positive mindset, making it the go-to choice for those in search of a revitalizing, spirited encounter. White Buffalo buds stand out with a frosty white layer of crystal trichomes, emphasizing their potency and premium quality.


While the availability of White Buffalo at dispensaries might be sporadic, its unique characteristics and allure make it an all-time favorite among marijuana connoisseurs. Should you get a chance to experience White Buffalo, seize it and embark on a memorable cannabis journey marked by powerful effects, enticing flavors, and enthralling visuals. Check out Bud Lords Weed Delivery DC for convenient weed delivery options in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, and explore a diverse selection of premium cannabis strains, including White Buffalo.

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