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Watermelon Gelato

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HYBRID - THC  - 30%+

Watermelon Gelato is an exceptional hybrid marijuana strain, born from the union of Watermelon Zkittlez and Gelato 45. This indica-dominant strain unfurls uplifting effects that effortlessly induce a tranquil, cerebral haze. Watermelon Gelato unveils a symphony of bright, floral flavors, underpinned by earthly notes, making it a preferred choice among medical marijuana patients seeking relief from depression, fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain. 

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The Watermelon Gelato strain, blessed with genes from two popular strains, offers a delicious experience that's suited for every level of smoker. It delivers a moderate, addictive high that will grow in popularity over the coming months.


Being a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid, Watermelon Gelato is a stress-reliever, known for its mood-enhancing and relaxing properties. With its perfect blend of sweet taste and moderate THC content of 15%, Gelato 45 is an all-around crowd-pleaser. Zkittlez, though not extremely potent, is celebrated for its sweet flavor and is a perfect end-of-day treat to unwind.


Watermelon Gelato is a forgiving strain to grow, both indoors and outdoors. The strain is resilient to pests and mold, delivering a healthy yield regardless of your cultivation setup. Expect to harvest about 1 to 2 ounces per square foot indoors and 2 to 3 ounces per square foot outdoors.


Expect a flowering period of around 10 weeks. The strain's striking appearance, covered in trichomes, showcasing purple hues and orange hairs, makes it one of the most visually appealing strains, despite not being the most potent.


Watermelon Gelato flaunts a THC level ranging from 15 to 19 percent, making it a strain that everyone can enjoy due to its balanced potency and pleasing taste. Its fruity flavor and aroma add to its charm, with its terpene profile made up of Humulene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.


Beyond the recreational high, Watermelon Gelato also brings along a myriad of health benefits. It's often chosen to help alleviate chronic pain, fatigue, depression, stress, and headaches. 


In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay on average $15-$20 a gram, $50-$55 for 1/8th oz, $100-$125 for a 1/4 oz, and $200-225 for a 1/2 ounce. Watermelon Gelato seeds can be sourced online or from local dispensaries in Colorado, California, and other US states.


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