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Smurf Berry Pie

Smurf Berry Pie


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Smurf Berry Pie Weed Strain

HYBRID - THC  - 33%+




The traits and effects of the globally respected Blueberry strain have been preserved in this autoflowering version. Smurfberry is a densely flowering and blue-tinged hybrid with a good leaf to flower ratio. Sweet and fruity with that classic earth and Blueberry flavor, this strain might be short and stocky, but it packs a sensual and satisfying punch. The cooler the temps, the deeper the shades of blue on leaves and flowers.


Smurf Berry is not only our in house favorite, it's also one of our earliest creations. Never waning in popularity with its herbal, sweet candy-like aroma, and flavor, this strain produces extremely dense flowers with incredible resin production. Known for its potent medicinal, pain/stress relieving qualities, with high trichome production, we selected the female pheno Midnight Kush, and bred it with our Plushberry stud. Creating a fully balanced strain that produces quantity as well as quality. Like most phenotypes that are indica dominant, this strain has a medium stretch, and does well with topping.

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