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Rick and Morty Weed Strain (Scroopy Noopers)

Rick and Morty Weed Strain (Scroopy Noopers)


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Scroopy Noopers by Green Dream: The Ultimate Rick and Morty Weed Experience

HYBRID - THC  - 34%+

If you're a fan of the intergalactic adventures in "Rick and Morty," then prepare for a thrilling voyage with Scroopy Noopers—your go-to Rick and Morty weed strain. Specially developed by Green Dream Cannabis, this masterpiece is a balanced hybrid, comprising 50% indica and 50% sativa, and hails from Boulder, Colorado.


Lineage and Flavor Profile

Born from the exquisite lineage of Girl Scout Cookies and Stardawg, Scroopy Noopers carries the best of both worlds. Immerse yourself in its unique aroma—a captivating blend of earthy, herbal, kush, lemon, and pine scents. As for its flavor profile, this Rick and Morty weed delivers a palate-pleasing sweet pine and earthy taste, perfect for those who love nuanced flavors.


High Potency and Effects

With THC levels reported to reach a staggering 27%, this strain offers a potent punch that's not recommended for cannabis novices. You'll experience a fast-hitting high, filled with euphoric and focused sensations. Thanks to its sativa-hybrid nature, you'll also find yourself energized yet relaxed. It offers an exceptional balance of a focused mind and a calming body high.


Medicinal Use and Benefits

Scroopy Noopers is highly valued for its range of medicinal benefits. Those struggling with fatigue, muscle spasms, and seizures have reported relief after use. The strain's balanced effects also make it a strong contender for daytime medicinal use, providing focused and energized feelings alongside relaxation.


Potential Adverse Effects

Be aware that the high potency can yield some adverse effects like dry mouth and eyes, as well as anxiety and paranoia, particularly for inexperienced users.


Grow Information

Indoor growers can expect flowering times around 75 days with an average yield of 3-4 oz per square meter. If you prefer outdoor cultivation, plan for an early to mid-October harvest. Given its parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Stardawg, Scroopy Noopers requires moderate expertise for growing but promises a rewarding yield.


Why Scroopy Noopers is Your Ideal Rick and Morty Weed

Whether you're navigating the universe with Rick and Morty or simply navigating your day, Scroopy Noopers stands as an interdimensional favorite. Its potent effects, nuanced flavors, and rich medicinal benefits make it a versatile choice for both recreational and medicinal users alike.


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