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lemon cherry piss weed strain

Lemon Cherry Piss


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Lemon Cherry  Piss Weed Strain
- THC  - 33%+

The Lemon Cherry Piss strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid formed from a genetic cross between Lemon Cherry and Gelato strains. Known for its enticing citrus aroma with a hint of berry, this strain aims to provide a calming experience, ideal for unwinding. Upon consumption, a wave of happiness is said to wash over you, sweeping away any negative moods, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease.

    • Lemon Cherry Gelato: This hybrid strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, boasting a 25% THC content. It is known for its fruity aroma and relaxing effects​.

    • Cheetah Piss: Another strain with a quirky name, Cheetah Piss is a balanced hybrid that crosses Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97, known for its potent high and unique aroma​.

    • Cherry Pie: A strain known for its high THC content, Cherry Pie is a hybrid with parents Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. It's appreciated for its dense buds and potential calming yet energizing effects.

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