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Gelato Cake

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Gelato Cake Weed Strain: Your Ultimate Indica Experience - Now Delivering in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland


Gelato Cake Highlights:

  • Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid (75% Indica / 25% Sativa)
  • Parent Strains: Gelato #33 X Wedding Cake
  • THC Range: 20-25%
  • Flavor Profile: Creamy Vanilla, Berry, Peppery Pine
  • Aroma: Gassy, Sour Citrus, Sweet Cream
  • Effects: Full-Body Sedation, Euphoria, Couch-lock
  • Medical Uses: Appetite Stimulation, Pain Relief, Stress Alleviation
  • Grow Info: Indoor and Outdoor, 8-9 Weeks Flowering Time


Watz Poppin DC? Gelato Cake, the ultimate Indica-dominant experience that you can now get lyfted with, straight lifted from a shop near you or delivered right to your door by Bud Lords Weed Delivery. A coveted cross between the creamy berry goodness of Gelato #33 and the decadent vanilla frosting of Wedding Cake, Gelato Cake has established its reputation across North America as part of the esteemed Cookie strain family.


Flavor and Aroma:

This tantalizing strain is a flavor extravaganza, offering a sweet and sour creamy vanilla profile accented by a peppery pine upon exhale. If you thought the taste was enthralling, wait till you get a whiff of its complex aroma—a surprising mix of gassy overtones with sour citrus and sweet cream layers.


Effects and Uses:

Gelato Cake is known for its potent full-body sedation, perfect for a green Sundayes weed session or as your go-to choice from bagged buds DC for a relaxed movie night. Ideal for both medical and recreational use, this strain shines for appetite stimulation and provides relief from stiffness, chronic pain, and stress.


Grow Information:

Growers love Gelato Cake for its robust aromas and flavors, achieving optimal results in both indoor and outdoor setups with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.



  • How to Buy Marijuana in DC: Visit Bud Lords Weed Delivery in Washington DC or shop online at for convenient weed delivery VA options.
  • Best Carts in DC: Alongside our premium Gelato Cake strain, Bud Lords offers the best carts in DC, adding to your elevated experience.



Enjoy the unparalleled euphoria and relaxation that Gelato Cake offers. Elevate your cannabis journey today with Bud Lords Weed Delivery—serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

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