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Flower Power


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Introducing Power Flower: Derived from South African Sativa Varieties

Power Flower is an extraordinary strain, primarily derived from South African sativa varieties. Composed of 88 percent sativa genetics and 12 percent indica genetics, this unique blend offers a captivating experience. The strain's name carries an intriguing history, stemming from a breeding program conducted by a group of Dutch cultivators. They embarked on a journey to South Africa with the aim of expanding their genetic library, ultimately utilizing their findings to create the renowned strain known as Power Plant—an absolute favorite within Amsterdam's cannabis community. Power Flower, a carefully crafted creation, aims to capture the finest qualities of its famous predecessor.


Indulge in the uplifting effects of Power Flower, as it stimulates the mind and soothes the body. With its sativa dominance, this strain offers a predominantly cerebral and invigorating high. The infusion of indica genetics adds a touch of body relaxation, characterized by a calming and gently sedative sensation. This harmonious combination of energizing and relaxing effects makes Power Flower a versatile choice, suitable for various occasions and moods. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors when you experience the contrasting notes of sweetness and sourness that tantalize your taste buds with each hit. The aroma of these buds harmonizes with the flavor profile, completing the sensory delight.


Featuring an impressive THC content of around 19 percent, Power Flower provides a potent experience for seasoned smokers, while still remaining within a comfortable range that won't overwhelm or leave you couch-locked. Furthermore, the moderate CBD content found within these flowers adds a potential medicinal aspect to the strain.


Power Flower exhibits excellent adaptability, thriving both indoors and outdoors. When cultivated indoors, expect a compact plant height ranging from 80 to 120cm, making it an ideal choice for limited grow spaces. Indoor yields typically reach an impressive 500 to 550g per square meter. Outdoor plants, on the other hand, can reach taller heights of 160 to 200cm, with each plant producing yields between 500 and 550g. Notably, Power Flower showcases resilience to colder climates, with harvest time usually occurring in October.Unleash the full potential of Power Flower by growing your own. With a medium grow difficulty level, it is accessible to both novice and experienced cultivators. Its flowering type is photoperiod, requiring a change in light cycle to initiate flowering. Embrace the rewarding process of nurturing Power Flower, and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting a remarkable strain that offers both recreational and potential therapeutic benefits.

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