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Father's Day Cannabis Bundle

Celebrate Father's Day with the ultimate gift for the cannabis-loving dad in your life. This carefully curated Father's Day Cannabis Bundle includes a variety of high-quality cannabis products that will surely delight and impress. Whether your dad is a seasoned connoisseur or new to the cannabis scene, this bundle offers a perfect mix of flower, concentrates, and edibles to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.


Bundle Contents
1. 1 OZ of Fortune Cookies
2. 1 Gram of Concentrate
3. 2 Grams of Pressed Kief
4. 3 Edibles (1000MG, 800MG, and 400MG)


1 OZ of Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies is a top-shelf hybrid strain known for its balanced effects and delightful flavor. This ounce of premium cannabis flower provides a generous amount of high-quality buds that are perfect for smoking, vaping, or even making your own edibles. The strain offers a sweet and slightly earthy aroma with hints of vanilla and citrus, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoke. The effects are well-balanced, offering both a relaxing body high and an uplifting cerebral buzz, making it perfect for any time of the day.


1 Gram of Budder
Included in this bundle is 1 gram of premium Budder from Sticky AF. Known for its rich texture and potent effects, this cannabis concentrate is perfect for dabbing or adding to a joint or bowl for an extra kick. The Budder is crafted from top-quality cannabis strains, ensuring a high THC content and a flavorful experience. The smooth, buttery consistency makes it easy to handle and use, providing a powerful and immediate high that is perfect for experienced users.


2 Grams of Pressed Kief
This bundle also includes 2 grams of pressed kief, offering a potent addition to any smoking experience. Kief, the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant, is collected and pressed to create a powerful concentrate. This kief can be sprinkled on top of flower in a bowl or joint, or even used in cooking to make your own cannabis edibles. The high THC content in kief provides an intense and quick-acting high, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.


3 Edibles (3000MG, 800MG, and 400MG)
To round out the bundle, we've included three different edibles with varying THC contents to suit any occasion:


- 1000mg Strawberry Squirt Gummies: This pack contains 20 gummies, each with 150mg of THC, offering a total of 3000mg. These gummies are perfect for experienced users looking for a strong and long-lasting high. The sweet and tangy strawberry flavor makes them a delicious treat.

- 800mg Blue Gasberry Sour Gummies: A pack of sour gummies infused with 800mg of THC, offering a potent and flavorful edible experience. Each gummy is carefully dosed to ensure consistency and quality, making them perfect for those who enjoy a tangy and fruity edible.


- 400mg Mango Mami Gummies: This twin pack contains two gummies, each with 200mg of THC. The Mango Mami flavor combines the sweetness of mango with a hint of spice from Tajín, providing a unique and delightful edible experience.


Perfect Gift for Father's Day
This Father's Day Cannabis Bundle is the perfect gift for any dad who enjoys cannabis. The variety of products included ensures that there is something for everyone, from the novice to the experienced user. Each item in the bundle has been carefully selected to provide a premium cannabis experience, making this a thoughtful and impressive gift. Whether your dad prefers smoking, dabbing, or enjoying a sweet edible, this bundle has it all.


Usage and Enjoyment
This bundle provides a versatile range of cannabis products that can be enjoyed in various ways:
- **Flower**: Smoke or vaporize the Fortune Cookies strain for a well-rounded and balanced high.
- **Budder**: Use a dab rig or add to your flower for an extra potent experience.
- **Pressed Kief**: Sprinkle on top of your flower or use in edibles for an enhanced high.
- **Edibles**: Enjoy the delicious gummies for a long-lasting and potent edible experience.


Brand Reputation
The products in this bundle come from reputable and well-known brands in the cannabis industry, ensuring quality and consistency. Sticky AF is known for its premium concentrates and high-quality cannabis products, making this bundle not only a great gift but also a reliable choice for any cannabis enthusiast.

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