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Kool Aid | Electric Kool Aid

Kool Aid | Electric Kool Aid

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Kool Aid | Electric Kool Aid Weed Strain
Explore the uplifting world of the Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Electric Kool Aid. This enticing blend of Purple Diesel and Cherry Pie renders an invigorating 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid that delights with its vibrant grape and lavender tones.


Aptly named for its mesmerizing blue hue and glistening crystal-coated buds, Electric Kool Aid is the go-to choice for daytime usage, offering a mental boost while promoting bodily relaxation. 


On the other side of the spectrum, we have the elusive Indica-dominant hybrid, Kool Aid Kush. This rare gem is enigmatic, with a mystery shrouding its genetic lineage. But don't let the secrecy fool you - Kool Aid Kush is all about pleasure. Its flavor profile is reminiscent of the childhood classic Kool-Aid, infused with the distinct twist of kush. Fruity sweet with a bubblegum hint and a kush exhale, this strain isn't shy about making its presence known. Its potent aroma intertwines kush undertones with sweet fruit and bubblegum accents. The impact of Kool Aid Kush is both robust and serene, creating a buzzing body high that's an Indica-lover's dream. With a THC level averaging 16-29%, it's a top pick for relieving chronic stress, anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. 


Electric Kool Aid, a dynamic offering from Seattle breeders, captures the essence of invigoration and exuberance. Its THC levels consistently hover around 19-20%, providing a crisp, focused high. This strain's bouquet is a tantalizing medley of tart grape and fresh berries, subtly accented by sugar and hash. This flavor profile carries over to the palate, with a hint of pine and hashiness that becomes prominent when ignited. The buds of Electric Kool Aid are a beautiful ensemble of purple and periwinkle blue, adorned with dark orange hairs and a blanket of white trichomes. The cerebral high of Electric Kool Aid makes way for a full-body engagement, culminating in a soothing relaxation, making it the ideal choice for a busy day transitioning into an energetic evening. 


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