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crunch berries weed strain

Crunch Berries


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Savor the unique essence of Crunch Berries, a strain expertly bred by Exotic Genetix through the cross-breeding of DJ Short's acclaimed Blueberry and a male Triple OG. With a lineage steeped in famous strains, Crunch Berries brings forth a distinctive character. Its aromatic profile merges the gassy scent of OG with a sweet blueberry backdrop, making it an ideal strain for a sunny park day or a woodland hike.


Commonly known as "Crunchberry," "Captain Crunch," or "Crunch Berry Kush," Crunch Berries is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) developed by crossing Triple OG with Blueberry. This strain is celebrated for its flavor, mirroring the taste of Crunch Berries cereal - a blend of sweet berries, candy hints, a vanilla undertone, and a lingering candy-like aftertaste. The aroma, a fruity fusion with a berry predominance, carries touches of earth and pine with a slight spiciness.


Small pebble-shaped nugs characterize Crunch Berries buds, bearing a forest green hue with rich purple undertones. The buds are accentuated by bright orange hairs and a glistening layer of amber-colored crystal trichomes. Crunch Berries high is as enthralling as its flavor, inducing uplifting effects that are not overpowering but rather tend to create a laid-back state. It is lauded for fostering creative inspiration while assuaging racing or painful thoughts. Considering its moderately high average THC levels of 15-16%, Crunch Berries is frequently chosen by patients managing chronic pain, stress or anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss.

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