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cherry pie weed strain

Cherry Pie


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HYBRID - THC Level - 36%

Uncovering the Sweet Mystique of Cherry Pie Weed Strain

Embark on a sweet sojourn with Cherry Pie, a weed strain that encapsulates a delightful blend of taste, aesthetics, and comforting effects. Known for its sweet and fruity aroma with a touch of earthiness, Cherry Pie is your go-to strain for a balanced euphoria.


Genetic Makeup:

Cherry Pie, often known as Cherry Kush, is a potent indica-leaning hybrid stemming from the union of the taste-packed indica Granddaddy Purple and the robust sativa Durban Poison. This genetic blend lends Cherry Pie its exquisite flavor profile and a balanced high that is both mind-expanding and grounding.


Appearance and Flavor:

A visually appealing strain, Cherry Pie boasts dense buds adorned with orange hairs and a hint of purple. The strain's name isn't a misnomer; it genuinely has a sweet and sour cherry pie aroma that is bound to captivate your senses. When it comes to taste, Cherry Pie doesn't disappoint either, offering flavors that mirror its aroma with additional notes of berry, sweet, and tree fruit​.


Effects and Medical Benefits:

Dive into a wave of giggles and euphoria with Cherry Pie. Initially, the strain uplifts your spirits, making you feel euphoric and happy. As the high sets in, a sense of relaxation follows, albeit with an energizing touch, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. The THC levels usually range between 16-24%, making it a potent choice for those seeking a higher THC strain for medicinal or recreational use.

    • Effects: Giggly, Happy, Euphoric​​.
    • May Relieve: Stress, Depression, Anxiety​​.
    • Flavor Profile: Berry, Sweet, Tree fruit​​.
    • Aroma: Sweet and sour cherry pie, Berry undertones​​.
  • Related Strains Table:

    Strain Name THC Level Common Effects Feelings / Mood Strain Flavors Related Terpenes
    Granddaddy Purple Moderate-High Relaxation, Euphoria Relaxed, Euphoric Grape, Berry Myrcene, Caryophyllene
    Durban Poison High Euphoria, Energizing Uplifted, Energetic Sweet, Earthy Terpinolene, Myrcene
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