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cherry gelato weed strain

Cherry Gelato


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Indulge in a delightful experience with the Cherry Gelato strain, a unique hybrid blend that strikes the perfect balance with a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica composition.

Originating from a splendid cross of Black Cherry Funk and Acai, this strain is often dubbed as a recreational favorite due to its high THC levels that range between 22% to 26%. The CBD content is fairly low, with a range of 0.69% to 0.88%, making it more inclined towards recreational use rather than medical. 


A Symphony of Aromas and Flavors

One of the hallmark features of Cherry Gelato is its complex terpene profile which includes dominant terpenes such as **caryophyllene**, **pulegone**, and **myrcene**. These terpenes not only contribute to its therapeutic potential but also define its unique aroma and taste. The initial scent is characterized by a blend of sweet and tangy notes, evolving into a strong, pleasant aroma that can fill up the room. On the palate, Cherry Gelato surprises with tastes of tar and sage, a peculiar but enticing combination.


## Unravel the Effects

Cherry Gelato is known for its cerebral high that sharpens focus and energizes the mind, making it an ideal companion for creative endeavors or social gatherings. The initial uplifting effects gradually transition into a calming relaxation, making it a perfect choice for a leisurely weekend afternoon. 


Medicinal Marvels

While primarily geared towards recreational use, Cherry Gelato does offer some medical benefits. It may provide relief for conditions such as muscular dystrophy, fatigue, PMS, insomnia, muscle spasms, PTSD, fibromyalgia, lack of appetite, and pain.


Cultivation Insights

For the green-thumbed enthusiasts, Cherry Gelato presents an easy to moderate growing difficulty. It thrives both indoors and outdoors with a flowering period of 55 to 56 days. The yields are promising, with an indoor yield of 16 oz/m2 and an outdoor yield of 18 oz/plant.


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