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Cheetah Piss Weed Cannabis Strain

Cheetah Piss

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Cheetah Piss, offered by Bud Lords Online Dispensary and Weed Delivery DC MD VA, is a unique and potent hybrid cannabis strain with an intricate lineage crossing Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97. This evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) promises a high that is both mentally uplifting and deeply relaxing, making it an all-day strain for both recreational and medicinal users.


From its visually appealing buds covered in a layer of golden amber trichomes to its complex terpene profile, Cheetah Piss is truly one-of-a-kind. Caryophyllene, its dominant terpene, provides peppery aroma notes, complemented by traces of cinnamon and diesel.


What sets Cheetah Piss apart from other strains is its exceptional potency—boasting THC levels that exceed 31%. This ensures an exhilarating experience that kicks in quickly, filling you with a euphoric sense of happiness and mental clarity. It's an ideal option for those looking to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, and mood swings.

With its unique gassy and fruity flavor profile and extraordinary potency, Cheetah Piss serves as a testament to the art of cannabis breeding. Take a hit, and let its mood-boosting and stress-relieving properties elevate your experience.

    • Potent THC levels at 31%+
    • Unique lineage crossing Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97
    • Dual effects offering mental clarity and deep relaxation
    • Caryophyllene as the dominant terpene with a peppery aroma
    • Visually striking buds with golden amber trichomes

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