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carbon fiber weed strain

Carbon Fiber


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Carbon Fiber is a unique and powerful hybrid cannabis strain, known for its high THC content and a symphony of complex flavors and aromas. It's a cross between three highly regarded strains: Grape Pie, Biscotti, and Cookies and Cream, which contribute to its distinctive characteristics. This strain is bred by the renowned Cannarado Genetics and has become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its potent effects and unforgettable flavor profile.


Genetic Lineage

  • Parent Strains: Grape Pie, Biscotti, and Cookies and Cream
  • Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Strain Profile

  • THC Content: Ranges between 24-29%
  • CBD Content: Approximately 0.5-1%
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Predominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pipene


  • Bud Structure: Dense, rock-hard buds, varying in color from deep green to vivid purple
  • Trichomes: Covered in a thick blanket of sparkling white trichomes, giving the buds a frosted appearance


Aroma and Flavor

  • Initial Aroma: Bold, earthy scent with a subtle peppery kick
  • Secondary Aromatic Notes: Chemical-like undertones, metallic or pungent aroma
  • Taste on Inhale: Robust earthiness with slight spiciness
  • Taste on Exhale: Earthy, peppery, with pronounced chemical undertones



Carbon Fiber offers a deeply relaxing yet uplifting high. It's known for its immediate cerebral euphoria and a soothing body buzz, making it ideal for unwinding or sparking creative inspiration. This strain is particularly effective for recreational use, providing a balanced blend of mind and body effects. Many users report relief from stress and insomnia, as well as a boost in mood and social engagement.


Medical Benefits and Use

  • Chronic Pain Relief: Heavy THC content offers substantial pain relief
  • Insomnia: Promotes restful sleep
  • PTSD & Anxiety: Provides temporary relief from worry and panic
  • Depression: Lifts mood and outlook
  • Lack of Appetite: Stimulates hunger cues


  • Difficulty: Moderately challenging to cultivate
  • Environment: Best in a warm, sunny outdoor environment or controlled indoor conditions
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks with outdoor harvest in mid-October
  • Yield: Very heavy yields, especially when grown under optimal conditions


User Reviews

Users typically enjoy Carbon Fiber for its calming and euphoric effects. It's known for making users feel giggly and sociable, suitable for social gatherings or creative activities. However, due to its high THC content, it's recommended for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers.



Carbon Fiber stands out in the cannabis world for its exceptional potency and bag appeal. Its remarkable THC content, complex terpene profile, and balanced effects make it a top choice for both recreational and medicinal users. Whether you're looking to relieve pain, boost your mood, or simply enjoy a unique flavor profile, Carbon Fiber is a strain that promises a memorable experience.

    • Feelings: Talkative, Tingly, Happy
    • Negatives: Dizziness, Dry mouth, Headache
    • Helps with: Anxiety, Depression, Pain

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