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Black Cherry Gushers

Black Cherry Gushers


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Introducing Black Cherry Gushers Weed Strain (also known as Black Cherry Gushers and Blackcherry), a balanced hybrid with legendary lineage created by breeder Ken Estes. Renowned for breeding the original Granddaddy Purple, Estes is believed to have crossed GDP with Ken's OG to develop this exceptional strain.


Black Cherry Gushers Strain offers a delightful combination of sweet, spicy, and berry aromas. When consumed, it delivers a tantalizing flavor profile reminiscent of tea, berries, and spice.


Immerse yourself in the flavorful experience of Cherry Gushers. True to its name, this strain bursts with juicy cherry and dark berry flavors. Its effects are deeply relaxing, making it the perfect choice for moments when you can unwind and fully enjoy the high. Each pack contains 3.5g of this premium strain.


Black Cherry OG, also known as "Blackcherry," is a dominant Indica hybrid strain. While its exact genetics are closely guarded secrets, it is known to be a cross between Ken's OG and an undisclosed Grand Daddy Purple strain. Although the THC level of this strain has not been officially tested, it is generally regarded as moderate, ranging from 12-18%.


Users describe the high from black cherry gushers backpack boyz as initially incredibly relaxing, providing a sense of upliftment, happiness, and a slight inclination towards sleepiness. This is followed by a powerful sedative effect that induces couch-lock and deep relaxation, often accompanied by moderate cases of the munchies before gently lulling you into a restful slumber.


Thanks to its potent effects, Black Cherry OG is highly regarded for its therapeutic benefits. It is recommended for patients seeking relief from chronic pain resulting from injuries or illnesses, as well as those dealing with insomnia, chronic stress, or mild depression.


The buds of black cherry gushers backpack exhibit a sweet and spicy berry aroma, accompanied by a taste of sweet berry tea with hints of blueberry spice. These buds feature long, dense, pepper-shaped nugs with patches of vibrant minty green, complemented by bright orange hairs and trichomes.

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