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White Gummies


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White Gummies Strain - A Delightful Fusion of Sweetness and Relaxation



White Gummies, also known as White Gummy, is a hybrid marijuana strain that portrays a beautiful dance between indica and sativa genetics, with the rhythm slightly leaning towards the indica side. The strain is a delightful concoction of illustrious parent strains - White Widow and Gummy Bear, or alternatively, Jillybean and Bubblegum depending on the source. This genetic blend has given rise to a strain with a sweet and sour candy flavor and aroma that delights the senses, along with high THC levels ranging from 15 to 28% which promise a potent relaxing effect for both the mind and body​​.


The inception of White Gummies can be credited to the breeders at Jokes Up, a brand known for crafting exotic and rare genetic gems. The strain, also referred to as White Gummiez, is a recent creation that has quickly found its place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts due to its unique flavor profile and potent effects​​.


With a slightly indica dominant nature (60% indica/40% sativa), White Gummies offers a delightful experience for those who appreciate a good balance between cerebral stimulation and bodily relaxation. The strain is known for its enticing flavors of sweet fruity candy, which is bound to be a hit among those with a sweet tooth. The sugary candy taste is complemented by a hint of floral notes and wild ripe strawberries, enriching the flavor profile and making each puff a joyous celebration​.


White Gummies is not just about delightful flavors; its potency is something to reckon with. The strain boasts a robust THC level ranging between 23-28%, making it a suitable choice for experienced users. The high is described as a mellow buzz accompanied by a cerebral elevation, perfect for those looking to unwind while keeping the mind engaged and active​​.

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