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Trolli Puffs

Trolli Puffs

Out of Stock

$35 Art + Trolli Puff Gift

Unleash the fun with Bud Lords' Trolli Puffs, y'all! These ain't your average candies - we've blessed 'em with top-shelf cannabis extract, delivering that smooth, balanced high that'll have you vibin' in no time. Dope flavors mask the green goodness inside, so all you're tasting is that sweet and sour tang. 


Whether you're a greenhorn or an old hand at the green scene, these edibles got you covered. Easy dose control means you can chill at your own pace, no surprises. Long day? No worries, these puffs will take you to cloud nine. Need some inspiration to flow? Let Trolli Puffs be your muse.


So, what you waiting for? Get your hands on these premium Trolli Puffs and let Bud Lords take care of your edible needs, delivering straight to your spot in DC, VA, and MD. Order up, kick back, and let the good times roll, folks!

  •  This product is currently out of stock at Continue to monitor and it will come back in season again!

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