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Trolli Apple Os

Trolli Apple Os

Out of Stock

$35 Art + Sour Pouch Edible Gift

"Step into a world of tangy delight with Trolli Apple O's Weed Infused Edible Candy Treats. These carefully crafted cannabis edibles encapsulate the flavors of crisp apple in a soft, chewy texture, infused with the perfect dosage of THC. Great for both newcomers to cannabis and seasoned connoisseurs, our Apple O's provide a balanced and enjoyable experience, offering both therapeutic and recreational benefits.


Each candy ring is infused with high-grade, lab-tested cannabis oil, ensuring consistent potency and a clean, pure taste. The precise dosing allows for easy consumption and predictable effects, making your cannabis journey smooth and controllable.

Indulge in a mouth-watering blend of sweet and tart apple flavors, while the active cannabinoids work to provide relaxation, stress relief, and a sense of euphoria. Whether you are seeking to elevate your mood, relieve discomfort, or simply enjoy a relaxing evening, Trolli Apple O's are the perfect treat. 

Order your Trolli Apple O's Weed Infused Edible Candy Treats today from Bud Lords, your trusted weed delivery service in DC, VA, and MD, and embark on a flavorful cannabis adventure!"


- Trolli Apple O's Weed Infused Edible Candy Treats
- Cannabis edibles
- High-grade, lab-tested cannabis oil
- Consistent potency
- Relaxation
- Stress relief
- Euphoria
- Weed delivery service in DC, VA, MD
- Bud Lords

  •  This product is currently out of stock at Continue to monitor and it will come back in season again!

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