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INDICA - 34%+

Tiramisu, also referred to as "Tiramisu Cookies," is a captivating sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Wedding Cake and Gelato #45. Unlike other strains, Tiramisu is known for its more energizing effects rather than inducing relaxation. Users who have experienced Tiramisu describe feelings of upliftment, euphoria, and enhanced sociability. It is particularly favored during the late afternoon or evening, allowing you to fully embrace its remarkable qualities.


When it comes to flavor, Tiramisu delights the senses with its sweet and tropical profile reminiscent of succulent tree fruits. However, it's important to note that consuming large doses of this strain may lead to temporary dry eyes and mouth.


Staying adequately hydrated while enjoying Tiramisu is recommended.

With a THC content of 15%, Tiramisu is suitable for cannabis consumers of all experience levels. It is predominantly available in flower form, providing an authentic and enjoyable smoking experience. Cali Connection is credited as the original breeder of this exceptional strain, ensuring its quality and craftsmanship.


Indulge in the delectable allure of Tiramisu, and allow its energizing effects to uplift your spirit, evoke euphoria, and spark engaging conversations. Experience the artistry of Cali Connection and savor the unique flavors and sensations of Tiramisu.

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