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sinmint cookies weed strain

Sinmint Cookies


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HYBRID - THC Level - 34%+

SinMint Cookies, brought to you by Sin City Seeds, is an enchanting hybrid weed strain masterfully crafted from a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power.


This signature hybrid strain offers profoundly euphoric effects that seamlessly transport your mind away from the anxieties of the day. Its unique aroma strikes a delicate balance between earthy sweetness and a hint of sharp mint.


SinMint, alternatively known as “SinMint Cookies”, is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa), resulting from the cross of the irresistible Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power strains. With such parent strains, you can anticipate SinMint's delightful flavor and striking effects. The strain reportedly tastes like a sweet minty cookie with a subtle kush touch on the exhale, creating an unexpectedly pleasing flavor profile. Its aroma aligns with the flavor, but with a slightly more pronounced earthy tone.


SinMint is famed for its large, pepper-shaped neon-green nugs adorned with light amber hairs and a minty layer of crystal trichomes. The high induced by SinMint is as compelling as its flavor, characterized by hours-long tingly, euphoric effects. The high begins with a gradual yet intense feeling of happiness that eventually elevates you into pure euphoria and profound relaxation. Initial tingles at the back of your head and neck soon spread throughout your body, dispelling all physical and mental discomfort and ushering in a calm, relaxed state.


Boasting a moderately high THC level of 15-16%, SinMint's effects are known to provide relief from conditions such as cramps, chronic pain, glaucoma, muscle spasms, and depression. Its THC potency may not seem high, but SinMint Cookies certainly delivers a potent punch. Enjoy this strain during dessert time for its sweet, slightly nutty, and wonderfully minty flavor and aroma, complemented by a hint of earthiness.


SinMint Cookies is a classic hybrid strain that first uplifts you before bringing you down into a state of relaxation. Its ability to enhance focus on tasks, albeit short-lived, is appreciated by many users. The strain induces a state of euphoria that uplifts your mood, making it a perfect antidote to a rough day. However, the tingling effects might end up lulling you to sleep if you're not careful.


Ideal for alleviating a range of medical ailments, SinMint Cookies is a top choice when physical and mental issues become overwhelming. It provides relief from conditions like cramps, headaches, inflammation, stress, and depression, ensuring hours of relief and a good night's sleep.Get your SinMint Cookies for weed delivery in Weed DC, Weed Virginia, and Weed Maryland via reliable platforms such as Leafly, Allbud, Weedmaps, WheresWeed, and Bud Lords.

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