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Sherbs Candy


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Sherbs Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain renowned for its potent effects and delicious flavor profile that combines the best aspects of its parent strains. This strain is characterized by its balanced hybrid effects that provide both cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. Sherbs Candy is a result of crossing Sherbert with an unknown strain that amplifies its candy-like flavor. This guide offers a comprehensive exploration of Sherbs Candy, including its genetics, effects, medical applications, and more.


Genetics and Lineage

Sherbs Candy stems from the well-acclaimed Sherbert (also known as Sunset Sherbet), which itself is a derivative of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain, blended with a mysterious strain that enhances its sweet profile. The genetic makeup of Sherbs Candy leans slightly towards indica, which is reflected in its relaxing and soothing effects, though it also maintains a strong sativa component that fuels its energizing and euphoric highs.


Aroma and Flavor

Aroma: Sherbs Candy produces a sweet and aromatic nose, featuring a complex bouquet of fruity and floral scents with a dominant candy-like sweetness that makes it highly appealing. There are also undertones of earthy herbs and spices that provide a wonderful contrast to the sweetness, adding depth to the strain's overall aroma.


Flavor: True to its name, Sherbs Candy delights the palate with a flavor reminiscent of sweet, sugary candies blended with hints of fruity berries and floral touches. This makes it particularly popular among those who favor dessert-like strains with a robust and memorable taste.



The buds of Sherbs Candy are colorful and vibrant, showcasing a range of greens and purples under a blanket of sugary trichomes that give it a very resinous and sticky texture. The orange pistils add a fiery pop of color, making the buds not only potent but also a feast for the eyes.



Sherbs Candy is celebrated for delivering a balanced high, making it suitable for use at any time of the day. Initially, it may offer a burst of euphoria that enhances mood and fosters creativity. This is followed by a gradual onset of physical relaxation that soothes without leading to heavy sedation, which makes it an excellent choice for those seeking relief while remaining active.

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