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Lemon Cherry Mochi

Lemon Cherry Mochi

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Lemon Mochi cannabis seeds, brought to you by Karma Genetics, are part of the exciting LemonTini collection, showcasing their latest hybrid cannabis strain. Karma's LemonTini made a dazzling debut earlier this year, standing out as the clear winner among the strains launched. With a strong emphasis on lemon flavors, LemonTini exudes sharp, citrusy terpenes and delightful gassy goodness, making it an instant hit.


The potential of their star strain, LemonTini (Lemon Tree x Karma Sour D BX), was quickly recognized by Karma Genetics, leading to the creation of an entire collection of hybrid cannabis strains revolving around its genetics. Lemon Mochi is a prime example, resulting from the cross of Mochi with LemonTini. This enticing combination produces a gassy, fruity hybrid that is destined to become a favorite among connoisseurs.


Legal growers can expect prolific, easy-to-manage plants displaying robust branching and captivating purple hues. Experienced growers have the option to let Lemon Mochi mature a bit longer for optimal results. The buds boast a lemon-dominant gelato flavor, with a subtle hint of berries inherited from its genetics. Each nug is packed with potency, thanks to the robust lineage of LemonTini.


Speaking of potency, Lemon Mochi packs a powerful punch, delivering a soaring, narcotic high that is sure to captivate cannabis enthusiasts. With genetics combining Mochi and LemonTini, this strain promises a unique and exciting experience that has yet to be fully explored.

Unleash the potential of these new genetics and embark on a journey of discovery with Lemon Mochi – a strain that promises to impress even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

Genetics: Mochi x LemonTini
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 weeks
Yield: Medium to High


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