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Kiwi Dragon Fruit

Kiwi Dragon Fruit

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  • Hybrid strain with sweet, fruity flavors and relaxing effects.
  • Cross between Kiwi Kush and Dragonfruit, with a THC content of 20%.
  • Short and bushy plants with dense, trichome-covered buds.
  • Smooth, flavorful smoke that is followed by a relaxing high.
  • Great for relaxing after a long day or for enjoying a movie with friends.
  • Good for beginners and experienced smokers alike.
  • Available for weed delivery in DC, VA, and MD.


Experience a unique cannabis delight with our Kiwi Dragon Fruit Weed Strain. Exclusively grown and curated by Bud Lords, this brand-new genetic blend combines the enticing flavors of kiwi and dragon fruit, taking your senses on an exotic journey.


The Kiwi Dragon Fruit weed strain sets itself apart from the rest with its distinct aroma and taste profile. Upon lighting up, you will notice a delightful burst of sweet and tangy kiwi that is immediately followed by the more subtle but equally enchanting notes of dragon fruit. These flavors aren't just intoxicatingly delicious; they are a testament to the strain's robust genetic heritage.


But what makes this strain truly special is not just its appealing taste but also its balanced effects. As a hybrid, Kiwi Dragon Fruit strikes a harmonious balance between uplifting cerebral stimulation and soothing physical relaxation. Whether you're looking to kickstart your creativity or wind down after a long day, this strain can cater to a variety of needs.


From its growth to harvest, each plant of the Kiwi Dragon Fruit strain receives personalized attention. Grown in optimal conditions that ensure its quality and potency, this strain is rich in cannabinoids, particularly THC, making it a potent choice for those who prefer a more robust experience.


Moreover, the strain's dense, trichome-covered buds are aesthetically pleasing, with vibrant green leaves intertwined with shades of purple. It's a beautiful representation of its unique genetic mix, reflecting the quality that Bud Lords guarantees for all its products.


In summary, the Kiwi Dragon Fruit Weed Strain is more than just another product. It's a showcase of our commitment to delivering top-tier cannabis products that leave an impression. From the strain's incredible flavor profile and effects to its remarkable visual appeal, every aspect has been carefully considered and refined.

So why wait? Dive into a unique cannabis journey with the Kiwi Dragon Fruit Weed Strain. Order today for quick, discreet, and reliable weed delivery in DC, VA, MD, brought to you by Bud Lords.


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