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Grandiflora Weed Strain

Experience the aromatic and potent Cookies E85, a premium hybrid cannabis strain cultivated by the renowned Grandiflora Genetics. With a THC-rich profile, this strain offers a delectable aroma that combines fruity dessert notes with a hint of piney sweetness. Rooted in award-winning genetics from Wedding Cake and Project 4516, Cookies E85 presents a multifaceted terpene profile that stands out in the cannabis landscape.


Key Parent Strains & Attributes

Wedding Cake, also celebrated as Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints #23, contributes its rich, cake-like aroma to Cookies E85. Project 4516, an indica-dominant hybrid, adds a unique creamy fruit and gaseous undertone. These parent strains synergize to make Cookies E85 an exceptionally aromatic and potent cannabis offering.


Brand Expertise

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Grandiflora Genetics specializes in crafting "the finest flower known to man." Their portfolio includes acclaimed strains like Grandi Candi, Red Velvet, and Wild Thornberrys.


Medical Benefits & Effects

For those seeking relaxation and potential sleep aid, Cookies E85 packs a potent punch. It's also recommended for depression relief by healthcare professionals. Its effects often lead to a comfortable "couch-lock," ideal for days when you simply want to unwind.


Product Range

From prerolls to vape cartridges and live resin, Grandiflora offers a versatile cannabis product lineup. Their noteworthy strains include Lemon Gelato, Melonatta, and High Tech


Where to Buy

Find Grandiflora products at dispensaries like CHAI Cannabis Co and Mission Organic Center. Also, avail of convenient Grandiflora delivery services across multiple cities like San Francisco, Daly City, and Menlo Park.


Payment Options

Enjoy the ease of buying Grandiflora cannabis online via credit card and opt for home delivery for maximum convenience.Discover the complex flavors and effects of Cookies E85 by Grandiflora Genetics—a standout choice for cannabis connoisseurs and medical users alike.

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