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Pineapple Piss

Pineapple Piss


SATIVA - 33%+

Aroma: Pungent Pineapple Pulp, Geoduck, Ammonia.
Taste: Pineapple OG & GAS 
Feeling: Instant head rush, strong body high, euphoric.

Overall: Sticky, resinous, dense nugs that reek of classic Pineapple OG strains. The flavor is just as strong, sending you into a mouth-watering coma. This is by far the best Pineapple strain I’ve ever had and is the best strain I’ve smoked all year so far. This batch was cured PERFECT. I only hope that I can find another 1/8th or two. This is one to stock up on if you can find it.

  •  This product is currently out of stock at Continue to monitor and it will come back in season again!

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