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OG Weed Strain
 - THC  -30%+

Ah, the iconic OG strains, a symbol of cannabis culture thriving through the whispers of smoke curling from a freshly lit joint. The OG, which stands for either "ocean grown" or "original gangster" depending on who you ask, isn't just a strain but a lineage, a family of potent and cherished varieties of cannabis. These strains are typically known for their high THC levels and a distinct, memorable aroma that often carries earthy, woody, and piney notes, with a hint of sour spice. 


The origin story of OG strains commences in Florida in the early ‘90s, with OG Kush as the patriarch of this illustrious line. The genetics of OG Kush are believed to be a blend from a marijuana strain from Northern California crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and possibly others. The strain then traveled to Southern California, where it gained monumental popularity, and the term "OG" came to be synonymous with "ocean grown" due to the locale of its cultivation.


There’s a certain mystique enveloping the OG strains, where each descendant carries forth a legacy while flaunting its unique charm. Take the Fire OG for instance, known as Fire OG Kush, which is a blend of OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, and is celebrated for its aromatic resemblance to Lemon Pledge along with euphoric effects. Then, there's the Skywalker OG, an indica dominant hybrid, which is a potent cross between the Skywalker and OG Kush strains, boasting an intense THC level ranging from 20-25% on average, encapsulating both indica and sativa effects within its genetic tapestry.


Tracing back to the roots, the seeds of OG strains were believed to be first cultivated in California, possibly obtained at a Grateful Dead concert, and have since spread their branches far and wide, intertwining with many other strains, giving rise to a family of cannabis phenotypes known as "Kushes".


The legacy of OG strains isn’t confined to its euphoric highs and unique aromatic profiles alone, but extends to the culture of cannabis itself. OG Kush, for instance, has left an indelible mark, with strains like Presidential OG and OG Cookies continuing its lineage, each with their own unique spin.


Presidential OG was birthed by mingling a Bubble Gum female with pollen from OG Kush, inheriting the sedating effects of OG Kush while carrying the sweet flavors of Bubble Gum. On the other hand, OG Cookies, a fusion of the infamous GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and OG Kush, has become notable for its lemony scents and is yet another testament to the versatile and rich legacy of OG strains.

OG strains have not just endured the test of time but have thrived, adapting, and evolving, each variant adding a new note to the herbal symphony that the OG lineage has come to symbolize in the cannabis community.


  • - Unique aromatic profiles ranging from earthy and woody to citrus and sweet.
    - High THC levels ensuring a potent and enduring euphoria.

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