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el jefe og weed strain

El Jefe OG


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Jefe (El Jefe) Cannabis Strain
- THC  -30%+

Unveil the serene essence of the Jefe strain, your go-to companion for a relaxed, peaceful mind. Known as El Jefe or Jefe OG, this potent indica dominant hybrid is crafted from the reputable genetics of Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1, inheriting a rich spectrum of calming effects and alluring aromas.


Embrace the soothing realm of relaxation that Jefe invites, your gateway to tranquility amid the daily hustle.Conclusion: Jefe is more than just a cannabis strain; it's a journey towards tranquility, a companion in alleviating life's stresses. With its potent effects, enticing aroma, and premium quality buds, Jefe is a prized choice for both recreational and medical cannabis consumers.Explore the soothing, potent realm of Jefe, where every puff is a step towards serene solace.


Key Features: Potent THC Content: With a THC range of 22% to 25%, Jefe is tailored for those seeking a robust, enduring relaxation.


Aromatic Bliss: Bask in the earthy, lemon aroma with spicy undertones that Jefe exudes, offering a sensory retreat with every puff.


Calming Effects: Jefe is celebrated for its ability to instill a calming aura, alleviating stress and depression, while promoting a restful slumber.


Medical Ally: Turn to Jefe for solace from chronic pain and insomnia, harnessing its therapeutic essence for a soothing reprieve.Growth Resilience: Cultivators will appreciate Jefe's resistance to common molds and diseases, coupled with its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor growing environments.


Quality Buds: Relish the densely packed, highly resinous buds that are a hallmark of the Jefe strain, showcasing a vibrant display of orange hairs amidst dark green foliage.


Taste and Scent: Indulge in a blend of spicy lemon and pine flavors that tantalize the taste buds, while its hashy and earthy scent resonates with the quintessence of nature.


Usage Recommendations: Jefe is ideal for evening or nighttime use, its calming effects providing a perfect backdrop for unwinding after a long day or preparing for a restorative sleep.

Packaging Options: Available in various packaging options including pre-rolled joints, loose flower, and premium bud offerings. Each package is sealed to ensure freshness and quality, embodying the essence of tranquility that Jefe delivers.


Availability: Check our online menu or contact us directly for availability and pricing.

Strain Information:

  1. THC Content: The THC content in the Jefe strain typically falls between 22% and 25%, making it a highly potent option for cannabis consumers​.

  2. CBD and Other Cannabinoids: The strain also has a CBG content of 1%, but other cannabinoid percentages are not readily available​.

  3. Growth Information: Jefe strain is known for producing medium-sized plants with fluffy foliage. It has a good resistance against most molds and diseases, making it a hardy strain for cultivation. The strain thrives well both in indoor and outdoor settings. Indoors, it has a flowering time of 60 to 70 days, while outdoors, it flowers around mid-October. Although it produces medium-sized yields, the buds are highly resinous and densely packed​4​.

  4. Effects: Consumers have reported feeling relaxed, sleepy, and tingly upon consuming the Jefe strain. It's known to provide a powerful and relaxing high that can be felt throughout the mind and body, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to destress​​.

  5. Medical Benefits: Medical marijuana patients often choose El Jefe to relieve symptoms associated with stress, pain, depression, and insomnia​​.

  6. Negative Effects: Some consumers have reported experiencing anxiety, headaches, and paranoia as negative effects​.

  7. Flavor and Aroma: The Jefe strain offers an earthy, lemon aroma with undertones of spice, and it has a taste profile of spicy lemon and pine with a hashy and earthy scent. The sensation it provides is described as calming for both the mind and body, with a touch of giggly lightheartedness, making it a suitable strain for nighttime use​​.

  8. Bud Characteristics: The buds of the Jefe strain are colorful with orange hairs amidst dark shades of green. They are dense, large, and quite sticky, showcasing a visually appealing and tactile aesthetic​

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