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horchata weed strain



Horchata Weed Strain

HYBRID - THC  - 33%+


HYBRID - THC Level - 33%+

Delve into the delightful duality of Indica and Sativa with Horchata, a well-balanced hybrid cannabis concoction curated by the adept cultivators at Compound Genetics. This divine strain springs from a fusion of the luscious Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Gelato strains, swiftly carving a niche for itself in the cannabis cosmos. Horchata is more than just a sensory indulgence; it unfolds a bouquet of benefits coveted by both recreational enthusiasts and medical marijuana mavens.


Unforgettable Flavor Profile

The allure of Horchata lies in its tantalizing taste and signature scent. Each drag is a dalliance with a nuanced meld of earthy, floral, and woody essences. Its flavor profile is a dance on the palate, with sweet, creamy berry whispers intertwined with a spicy zing, making every smoking sojourn a memorable escapade.


Indulgent Effects

Horchata is a powerhouse of potency, boasting a THC level oscillating between 19-24%, though some sources state it can reach 33%+. The onset is a vivacious cerebral uplift, swiftly followed by a profound body relaxation. This strain is a social lubricant, sparking lively discussions, or a serene companion for a tranquil evening retreat. The users often find themselves in a chatty, elevated mood, ready to engage or relish a peaceful respite.


Medical Benefits

Horchata is a beacon of relief for chronic pain sufferers. Its terpene profile, led by myrcene and accompanied by pinene and ocimene, offers a soothing sanctuary, ideal for mitigating the symptoms of PTSD and depression. While it primarily cocoons the body in relaxation, its unique ability to harmonize invigoration and tranquility sets it apart.

More than Just Another Weed Strain

Horchata is not only a coveted choice for the seasoned cannabis connoisseurs but also a welcoming gateway for the novices keen on exploring the cannabis spectrum. Its well-rounded genetics and targeted effects make it a shining star in the cannabis galaxy.


Strain Review and Cultivation

We invite individuals with personal encounters of growing or relishing Horchata to share their insights by penning a strain review. Be it a solitary session or a social gathering, Horchata emerges as a premium pick for anyone seeking a distinctive and efficacious cannabis journey​​.

  • • Balanced hybrid strain

    • Rich, creamy flavor profile

    • Derived from prestigious parent strains Gelato and Sour Diesel

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