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Dirty Fanta

Dirty Fanta

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Dirty Fanta Strain - An Exotic Indica Delight

Dirty Fanta is a potent Indica strain boasting a robust THC level of 28%, offering a rich and immersive cannabis experience that is both affordable and qualitatively superior​1​. This strain, Dirty Fanta, is an intriguing Indica hybrid with a THC concentration of 32% and above, bred meticulously by Seattle Chronic Seeds. It's a unique blend, originating from a cross between Platinum Gelato Chem and an Agent Orange x Hindu IBL hybrid. The aesthetic appeal of Dirty Fanta is undeniably enticing with its green buds showcasing a beautiful array of purple and pink hues, further enhanced by an aromatic profile reminiscent of orange soda. As you delve into its flavor, expect a gassy note intermingled with hints of chem and orange that is bound to invigorate your senses​.


The experience of Dirty Fanta is not just confined to its flavors and aromas; it extends far beyond into a realm of elevated effects that redefine the cannabis journey. The vibrant allure of Dirty Fanta is something that cannabis enthusiasts find particularly engaging, offering a delightful combination of captivating aromas and palate-pleasing flavors, making it a strain that stands out in a crowd​.


This exotic marijuana strain has been gaining traction globally, particularly in the USA and some parts of Europe, marking its presence as a strain to reckon with in the cannabis community​.

    • Type: Indica Dominant
    • THC Content: 28% - 32%
    • Breeder: Seattle Chronic Seeds
    • Flavors: Gassy, Chem, Orange
    • Effects: Elevated, Engaging, Pleasing to the Palate
    • Appeal: Captivating Aromas, Gorgeous Bud Colors
    • Popularity: Gaining traction globally, especially in the USA and parts of Europe
  • Related Strains Table:

    Strain THC Level Common Effects Feelings/Mood Strain Flavors Related Terpenes
    Platinum Gelato 18-25% Relaxing, Calming Relaxed, Calm Sweet, Citrus Myrcene
    Agent Orange 15-20% Uplifting, Energetic Happy, Energized Citrus, Sweet Limonene
    Hindu Kush 15-20% Relaxing, Sleepy Relaxed, Sleepy Sweet, Earthy Myrcene
    Gelato 20-25% Relaxing, Euphoric Happy, Relaxed Sweet, Creamy Myrcene
    Orange Bud 16-23% Uplifting, Happy Uplifted, Happy Citrus, Sweet Limonene

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