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Blue Guava Gelato

Blue Guava Gelato


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Introducing Blue Guava Gelato: A Flavorful Hybrid with Backpack Boyz Genetics

Blue Guava Gelato is a captivating hybrid strain with genetics that can be theorized based on other Backpack Boyz strains. Building on the pattern established by Blue Tommyz, a cross of Blue Gotti and Sunset Sherbert, it is likely that Blue Guava Gelato is a cross of Blue Gotti and Guava Gelato. Guava Gelato, in turn, is a creation by Sherbinski, combining Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert. While the genetic origins of Blue Gotti remain unknown, the combination of Blue Gotti and Guava Gelato is believed to give rise to the Blue Guava Gelato strain.


In terms of appearance, Blue Guava Gelato buds showcase a variety of colors. While the majority display light green and orange hues, some buds exhibit a deep purple appearance. The colas boast a healthy coating of resinous trichome crystals and well-manicured orange hairs.


The aroma of Blue Guava Gelato is a complex blend of tropical, musty, sweet, floral, and earthy notes, reminiscent of the traditional Guava Gelato strain. Some speculate that Blue Gotti may be a cross of Blue Dream and Gelato, with hints of Blueberry present in the genetic lineage. The lighter-hued buds bear a resemblance to Blue Dream in terms of appearance.


When it comes to the smoking experience, Blue Guava Gelato delivers a delightful and satisfying experience. The flowers burn clean, providing a smooth smoke. The aroma and flavor profile further enhance the experience, offering a forward and complex sensory journey.


The high of Blue Guava Gelato is characteristic of Gelato strains—clean and functional. It leans slightly more towards a head high, making it enjoyable at any time of the day.

In terms of repurchasing, while the quality control of Backpack Boyz flowers has been a concern among some reviewers, the Blue Guava Gelato flowers I enjoyed did not exhibit any quality issues. However, the pricing model of $75 per eighth may be disappointing for those looking to buy in bulk and maximize their investment. Nonetheless, Blue Guava Gelato presents an opportunity for the brand to create a consumer-friendly pricing model that appreciates the support from their customers.


Blue Guava Gelato can be found at the Backpack Boyz Dispensary, Canaharbor in Harbor City, and Evergreen in Santa Ana.


THC: 26.54%
CBD: 0.00%


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