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Pink Ztarburst

Pink Ztarburst

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Experience the unforgettable allure of Pink Starburst by Manali West, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that captivates both your senses and mind. Created through a robust cross of DJ Short's Blueberry, Headband, and Sour Diesel BX3, Pink Starburst offers an intricate blend of potency and flavor. On the first inhale, you'll notice a floral bouquet that smoothly transitions into a candy-like sweetness as you exhale.


This exceptional strain not only delights your taste buds but also uplifts your mood with its euphoric, yet clear-headed high. Ideal for daytime use, Pink Starburst invigorates your cognitive functions while flooding your body with a tingly sensation of relaxed happiness. Given its moderate THC levels, it's a go-to choice for treating various conditions such as chronic stress, depression, migraines, and even glaucoma. When you lay eyes on its buds, you'll be mesmerized by their neon green hue with pinkish undertones, vivid orange hairs, and a shimmering layer of golden trichomes.


Whether you're new to the cannabis world or a seasoned enthusiast, Pink Starburst is an extraordinary strain you won't want to miss. Indulge in this unique blend of floral sweetness and experience the euphoric relaxation it has to offer.

  • Pink Starburst by Manali West, Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strain, DJ Short's Blueberry Cross, Sour Diesel BX3 Genetics, Floral and Sweet Flavor Profile, Clear-Headed Euphoric High, Daytime Cannabis Use, Moderate THC Levels, Chronic Stress Relief, Migraines and Depression Treatment, Eye Pressure and Glaucoma Relief, Neon Green Buds with Pink Undertones, Golden Crystal Trichomes, Virginia, Maryland, and DC Weed Delivery

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